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We create engaging video campaigns to connect
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and captivating way.

Create initial awareness with sizzle videos

Sizzle videos create awareness and feed your sales funnel with soft leads and free trial sign-ups. Sizzle videos are also excellent for selling low-priced consumer products such as mobile apps and online retail products.

Applovin Beijing.

QuickBase is an innovative software platform that allows ‘Citizen Developers’ (i.e.: people with low-or-no coding experience) to build and launch their own business apps with minimal support from the IT department. To celebrate their product and coincide with a recent announcement that QuickBase has self-incorporated (they previously belonged to Intuit), One Net was hired to conceptualize, script and produce this hype video for the QuickBase Empower 2016 conference.

Athentech (the company behind Perfectly Clear, products for professional photographers and labs around the world) wanted a fun video to introduce Lucid, their new standalone desktop photo-editing software. The Lucid logo and iconography depict magic and whimsy, so we decided to bring that essence to our video concept. Using a storybook aesthetic, original score and a rhyming script, we introduce the audience to our heroine Penelope and follow her on a journey to create the perfect birthday gift.

To accompany the release of their standalone desktop product, Athentech released an iPhone app called Lucid iOS. The Lucid iOS tagline is ‘Perfect it fast, post it first’, so we wanted to expand on that idea in a brief, 30-second sizzle video. We brought back Penelope, the star of our Desktop video, for a rhyming ‘chance encounter’ with a celebrity who’s looking less than his best.

Athentech wanted a fresh approach to B2B marketing when they asked us to create a video for Perfectly Clear LAB – their software for photofinishing professionals. And we gave them fresh! In a spoof on the classic reality TV contest, we pit three lab technicians against each other to see who will become America’s Next Photochef. Wanna guess who wins?

Unisys needed a high level sizzle video that set-up their “Modern Mission Critical” campaign. Motion graphics, kinetic typography and original music take us through their mission statement and value proposition. All graphic assets were also designed by One Net. This video was then translated into 10 other languages and used around the world in presentations, live events and more.

We love working with consumer products, and the ZTE Live Pro Projector was not only a great product that sells itself but the team was a pleasure to work with. They wanted a playful live action sizzle video that would use humor to show off the many uses of Sprint’s latest innovation. This video was fun to make and a huge success – with over half a million views.

The concept “Spacebook” pokes fun at the overuse of fancy photo filters. What if a civilian on Mars sent to take photos on a new mobile phone and send pictures through “Spacebook” to eager fans on earth decided to put fancy filters on all of the photos? We used green screen, live action and motion graphics to make the benefits of Perfectly Clear’s technology perfectly clear.

This video tells the story of how one entrepreneurial mother grew her vision into a beloved Canadian brand – and how the next generation is upholding her commitment to clean eating in the face of a changing food landscape. An original score, sweeping drone shots, script by our team and narration by the new CEO creates an inspiring watch for Epicure team members across Canada.

At its heart, Epicure is a company built around people and relationships. As such, they needed a recruitment video with a strong sense of story that would communicate the why behind starting one’s own Epicure business. Based on the client’s brief, we created a cast of characters based on real life scenarios; then scripted, shot and scored this video for Epicure Consultants to show their leads.

Time Tracker by eBillity needed a fun and innovative way to sell their robust Time Tracker software while showing off its integration with the accounting software Xero. A renowned voice over artist charms viewers into the world of a roller coaster company while bringing our in-house written script to life. The video further engages viewers with its light hearted story, energetic combination of live action, overlays, smooth motion graphics and UI screens.

One Net worked closely with engineers to create motion graphics that explained complex micro-chip technology. We also shot on location interviews in the Movidius lab as well as interviews with board members in Japan and the UK. Live action, animation, motion graphics, computer generated imagery, and graphic overlays bring Movidius’ breakthrough technology to life. This video was used for a large PR campaign to introduce the Movidius team and technology to potential partners and investors.

The team over at Zirx wanted to create an HTML5 video hero image playlist and a 2 minute web sizzle to demonstrate the main steps of using the Zirx app. This innovative new parking service is now in LA, Seattle and San Francisco. We used slick motion graphics to demonstrate the actual product UI and live action sequences to put together a product story. We did all script writing, voice over and original music to ensure all the pieces came together.

ApplePie Capital wanted a sizzle video that would launch their new franchise funding platform. The goal was to attract potential franchise owners while introducing the platform to the entire franchise investment community. We used live action, animation and motion graphics to bring this concept to life.

A lively soundtrack with crisp sound effects round out this vision-oriented sizzle video. 2D animation, graphic overlays and kinetic typography bolster ArcSoft’s impact on digital imaging and the mobile ecosystem. This video shows how a voiceover track is not always necessary for video. Instead, visuals are used to strongly illustrate the message of this sizzle.

Wealthfront needed a demo video that could explain its complex investment models without alienating its viewers. We decided to keep the illustration and animation style simple, so the sophisticated product could shine.

We crafted this stop motion demo reel for Spirent Axon. This energetic and highly spirited video introduces viewers to their comprehensive network testing platform. A mixture of stop motion, motion graphics, 2D animation and our own hands were used to create this video.

This video showcases how FMI Brand: Get Lost Wasp, can expedite backyard tranquility through fending off aggravating wasps. Created in Flash, this 2D animation tells a fun story with humour and brand precision.

Live action and motion graphics illustrate how AppLovin delivers highly targeted ads within mobile apps. We created custom ads to seamlessly sync with the script. Overlays and motion graphics populate with style to further the viewers captivation with AppLovin.

AppLovin came to us to create a video specifically for a casino gaming summit targeting pain points for casino app game developers while highlighting their software as the solution. The imaginative storyline we created included inside industry jokes in a playful manner. Motion graphics, strong character acting and a faux fur coat meld to create this clever sizzle.

Demonstrate what you can do for your clients with case study videos

The case study video plays a pivotal role in today’s business success stories. It is more than just a how-to: it’s your chance to showcase in an original and unforgettable way why your product or service belongs in users’ lives.

We travelled to San Francisco and Palo Alto to collect footage for this recruitment video of the talented and down to earth team at AppLovin. Several members of their team were interviewed so we could dig deeper into their inviting corporate culture. Footage from the interviews were cut with a variety of fun snapshots showcasing the personality of the company. We incorporated time lapse footage with text overlays to section out the video.

Another pro bono video created to help the gang over at Social Media Camp recruit attendees from outside of Victoria.

This case study unpacks how Occupy Love was able to tap into the power of its audience. One Net used iPhone footage, animation, originally composed music, an event interview and select scenes from the actual film to create a compelling launch approach used to inform others on new innovative film distribution strategies.

This case study relays how Wildfire by Google helped Glamour create an incredibly innovative and interactive month long campaign to engage and grow their audience. We arranged the limited assets given from the client with text to showcase the campaigns payoff using slick and creative motion. We licensed a song from the Vancouver-based band “Humans” that paired seamlessly to the motion graphics.

Generate leads with demo videos

Convince decision makers and reach enterprise buyers with a demo video. Demo videos are a cornerstone of B2B and enterprise marketing programs, especially for SaaS products and disruptive technology with complex sales cycles.

We created this tutorial video for Mode Media – the world’s largest privately held digital lifestyle company – in January 2016. The client wanted an energetic, on-brand video that would show users how to build their own unique stories using the Mode “Bookmarklet” and extension tools. The video was shot, produced, scripted, animated and scored by our team. You may also notice some of our talent appearing in the starring role.

Skate Boss.

DoubleClick hired us to create a detailed demo video to give an in depth look at the main features of using DoubleClick Search. In order to achieve a product demo to this level of detail, we became product experts. We even re-created all of the DoubleClick UI screens in Vector format before animating each sequence. DoubleClick also used the chaptered custom web player we created a year earlier for a similar Wildfire by Google project.

We created a dynamic demo video for Google’s Wildfire. This video shows off UI (that was recreated by One Net into vector images), motion graphics, case study images from the Oscars, New York Giants, Vail Resorts, Puma and live action filmed on location at the Google campus. This video successfully shows off each facet of an elaborate product with highly stylized motion graphics that synchronize elegantly with a hand crafted soundtrack. We created a case study that outlines how this video generated thousands of leads for Google’s Wildfire.

Accompanying the feature documentary Occupy Love, the Found Love App challenges users to help create the largest collection of hearts on the internet. Live action and dynamic animation showcase this app that One Net developed. This video also features the documentary’s Director, Velcrow Ripper; and Producer, Ian Mackenzie, collecting hearts with the app on the street. A powerful soundtrack was created to ensure the docu-promo resonated with its viewers.

The Thomson Reuters Time and Billing demo showcases the benefits of their legal-focused B2B software. We shot on several locations with a large cast of actors to show off the diverse uses for this product. UI screens were then animated to show how a potential customer would be able to use the product. Time lapse footage was used to bookend the video and convey the actual passing of time; a nod to the functionality of the software used for time tracking.

Lead your category with docu-promos

With a docu-promo, you’ll attract the attention of journalists and investors, helping you build your company’s public profile. They are essential for communicating the potential impact of innovative media projects and disruptive technology products.

North Through South.

Xmas Video.

The inspiration for this video came from one of the issues Gen Squeeze brought to our attention: the financial strain of having kids. Using hyperbole, we created this quick sketch about an (imaginary) app that allows ten couples who can’t afford to have their own child to pool their resources and share one.

Going out for date night can be a pretty steep affair nowadays! How come movie discounts only seem to apply to young children and the 65+ set? What about the rest of us, stuck in the middle? Becky and Dave attempt an affordable night out in this exaggerated sketch our team concepted, wrote and produced.

What to do when your regular 9-5 job just doesn’t earn enough to make ends meet? Get into the viral video game, of course! This sketch in our series for Gen Squeeze took some special skills – as it turns out, it’s harder than you might think to make a cat hiss on command.

A short promo snippet created for our friends over at Vic42.com. Every month Vic42 showcases one amazing individual. In this snippet we showcase local artist Carollyne Yardley.

A short promo snippet created for our friends over at Vic42.com. Every month Vic42 showcases one amazing individual. In this snippet we showcase local musician Jesse Roper.

A short promo snippet created for our friends over at Vic42.com. Every month Vic42 showcases one amazing individual. In this snippet we showcase local magician Jason Verners.

One of our most emotional pieces to date, this pro bono video was created to help the good people at Turnitup.ca create awareness for suicide prevention across Canada.

One Net created this video pro bono to launch a social media campaign geared at driving government petitions to ban the use of shock collars in Canada.

Attract a winning team with recruitment videos

There’s a lot of competition out there for great talent. Create the best picture of your corporate culture and show off what makes your company the best place to work with a dynamic recruitment video.

AppLovin Recruitment Series – How to Build Your Wine Collection.

AppLovin Recruitment Series – How to Make A Terrarium.

AppLovin Recruitment Video Series – How to Make Sourdough Bread.

AppLovin Recruitment Video Series – How to Train a Dog.

Veronica Jones Trailer

North Through South (Vancity cut).